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Listen to inspiring stories of women who have found freedom from various areas of spiritual bondage -- addiction, fear, perfectionism, codependency, and more.

Host and author of the Journey to Freedom Bible study, Jill McSheehy talks with women about their own stories in hopes we can all find the same freedom in our relationships with Jesus Christ -- the author and perfecter of our faith.

Apr 6, 2018

Like many teenagers, Monica Bryson began drinking alcohol as a youth, but she never dreamed it would retain a grip on her life in adulthood. 

Though she always believed in God and even attended church regularly, she "set God aside" to maintain her addiction. But God pursued her to a point where she cried out for help,...

Mar 30, 2018

After having lost both her parents at a young age, Heather Dixon started believing a lie that she was meant for suffering. She walked away from God for a season until He used her 4-year-old son to point her back to to Him. 

Looking back, she sees that period as unbelief. Though she believed in God and in the Bible, she...

Mar 23, 2018

How many of us gauge our self-worth by what we perceive others believe about us? Perhaps we find ourselves performing for acceptance or changing our behavior in order to feel loved. 

Sarah Koontz found herself face-to-face with this tendency as a youth, and she still fights it now as a wife, mom, and ministry leader....

Mar 16, 2018

As a pastor's child, Amy Tindell knew everything she needed to do to be a "good Christian girl." She served others and poured herself into church, but her good intentions grew toxic when she began to believe everything depended on her.

One day the anger came roaring to the surface as she realized nothing seemed to be...

Mar 9, 2018

After her mom left her family when April McCullough was a child, April dealt with significant abandonment issues in her life. This spiral continued downward as she wrestled with fear of rejection, which led to sinful, destructive behavior. 

Despite her success as a person, graduating college and starting a career and...